Conservatorship And Guardianship

At the Law Offices of Rebecca L. Chenoweth in Roseville, California, we defend the rights of children and vulnerable adults and give their families peace of mind through conservatorship and guardianship. Our attorney has extensive experience with these legal issues, and provides our clients with skilled representation and honest advice.

What Are Conservatorship And Guardianship?

Under California law, parents have broad legal authority to make important decisions on behalf of their children. For instance, they can make decisions about medical care, education and finances. This concept is broadly known as guardianship. If a parent is no longer able to make these decisions, a relative or other interested party can ask the court to be made a legal guardian.

Once children reach age 18, they are considered legal adults, and the law recognizes that adults should be able to make these decisions themselves.

However, in some cases, adults do not have this ability due to illness, injury or permanent condition. These adults are vulnerable to financial exploitation and other forms of abuse, and they need help from someone who truly has their best interests at heart. In these cases, California probate courts allow for a relative, friend or organization to be named as the adult's conservator.

Conservatorships come in different forms; some grant extensive powers to the conservator, while others are strictly limited.

Establishing a conservatorship is a serious legal move, and it requires the help of a skilled lawyer.

With careful work, a conservatorship can respect the rights of dependent adults while also protecting them from abuse.

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