Protecting Families And Their Future

At the Law Offices of Rebecca L. Chenoweth in Roseville, California, we help people protect themselves, their finances and their loved ones with estate planning, conservatorship and other issues.

Our attorney, Rebecca L. Chenoweth, was already raising four children when she decided to go to law school. Originally, she planned to be an advocate for children, but she soon developed a passion for representing vulnerable adults.

Today, she has been representing clients for more 20 years and has seen how careful planning and professional legal help can make a big difference for families. A member of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce and the WealthCounsel group of estate planning attorneys, she combines professionalism with a personal touch and a commitment to her clients' best interests.

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Planning For The Future

Estate planning gives you a way of protecting yourself, preserving your property and providing for your families and charities.

We draft wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advance health care directives and other documents that will make our clients' wishes clear, save their families a lot of confusion, and provide legacies that will help their loved ones for many years to come.

Representing Vulnerable Adults

When we are children, our parents or legal guardians have the authority to make decisions about our finances, but California law recognizes that adults have the right to make these decisions for themselves, and everyone becomes a legal adult at age 18. However, because of injury, illness or permanent condition, many adults do not have the capacity to make important decisions for themselves, and no one else has legal authority to make them. For these cases, probate courts allow for responsible people to establish a conservatorship to make decisions on behalf of a vulnerable adult.

By becoming a conservator, you can make legal decisions on behalf of an elderly parent or other loved one. This gives you authority to manage the person's finances and make important decisions about long-term care and other concerns. It also allows you to protect your loved one from exploitation from unscrupulous people who might take advantage of them.

We help people with many issues in conservatorship so that the vulnerable get the protection they need.

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